Five Steps to fight the Republican Agenda and elect a Progressive District Leader

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Stop & Sign on February 26

  • Candidates for District Leader are required by law to collect 500 signatures from registered Democrats in the neighborhood.

  • The Republican leaning incumbent will likely try to invalidate signatures so 1,000 signatures is really needed.

  • Signing Kenny’s green petition is a demonstrative act to further democracy, something we need more of in the Trump era.

Mark Your Calendar for June 25 Primary Day

  • Check back here or sign up for an alert to learn about EARLY voting

  • If you are planning on being out of town during early voting and election day, request an absentee ballot.

  • To find your polling location go to

Saving Lincoln

  • Fighting extreme social conservatism will cost money.

  • Put $5 aside each day for one week.

  • Any amount contributed will be a blow to Kenny’s opponent.

Attend the Election Night party at the Wyndham Garden Chinatown