Planning for The Win

Using NGP VAN, Inc, a privately owned voter database and web hosting service provider, I have broken down the Part D primary voter into Four categories:

1.       Voted in the past three primaries

2.       Voted in the last two primaries

3.       Voted in either of 2017 or 2016 primaries

4.       First time primary voter in 2018 (there’s lots; that’s great news!)

Below is a drat letter to the Group One voters (all three prior primaries):

Hey Kenny,

I know your secret.  You’ve been going to the polls every September for the past three years and voting in the Democratic primary!

So, you care about who is leading the community.  But, do you know about the elected position “District Leader”?

Probably not.  It’s never been contested before in your Part, so you’ve never voted in an election for it. It’s an unpaid position within the Manhattan Democratic Party. 

The District Leader is YOUR phone call to get things done.  Every paid politician in the neighborhood will return the District Leader’s call.

Right now, your advocate from the community has been a big donor to Conservative/Republican causes.  In 2017 NYC City Council races, for example, he backed anti-choice and anti-LGBT candidates.  He does not speak for you. 

In less than a year (September 2019), you can take back the neighborhood.  As a member of the LGBT Bar Association of Greater NY, being a 24/7 advocate for members of the community being attacked constantly from Republicans is something that would be an honor.

 It’s worth me spending the time and resources talking to you NOW.  Now, is the time to go to KennyWind.com and learn how to turn your Part of Assembly 65 BLUE forever. 

Kenneth Wind