Jailhouse Crock

 I joined a packed auditorium at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in late October to join Neighbors United Below Canal (NUBC) in the effort to speak with a unified voice against Mayor de Blasio’s proposal for a new jail at the Louis J. Lefkowitz building on 80 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan. 

NUBC represents thousands of stakeholders in the diverse and unique communities of Lower Manhattan. NUBC comprises residents, organizations, businesses, community activists, and elected officials, including:

  • The Park Row Alliance, a consortium of Chatham Green and Chatham Towers

  • Christopher Marte, State Committeeman from Assembly District 65

  • The Chinatown Core Block Association

To join NUBC in its effort, sign their open letter here https://neighborsunitedbelowcanal.com/theletter

Kenneth Wind