I'll Take Consistently Conservative for $12,000, Alex

$12,000, minimum, is the amount the current Democratic District Leader has donated to Conservative Groups and candidates, such as:

  • State Conservative Campaign Committee

  • Association of NY State Young Republicans

  • Conservative Action Fund

$6,000 was donated to Marty Golden, a Republican State Senator responsible for blocking much of the progressive legislation passed by the Assembly.

$2,000 to Ruben Diaz, a City Councilman who is an outspoken opponent to abortion and marriage equality.

Go right now to https://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org and keep the fight going.

Jailhouse Crock

 I joined a packed auditorium at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in late October to join Neighbors United Below Canal (NUBC) in the effort to speak with a unified voice against Mayor de Blasio’s proposal for a new jail at the Louis J. Lefkowitz building on 80 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan. 

NUBC represents thousands of stakeholders in the diverse and unique communities of Lower Manhattan. NUBC comprises residents, organizations, businesses, community activists, and elected officials, including:

  • The Park Row Alliance, a consortium of Chatham Green and Chatham Towers

  • Christopher Marte, State Committeeman from Assembly District 65

  • The Chinatown Core Block Association

To join NUBC in its effort, sign their open letter here https://neighborsunitedbelowcanal.com/theletter

Planning for The Win

Using NGP VAN, Inc, a privately owned voter database and web hosting service provider, I have broken down the Part D primary voter into Four categories:

1.       Voted in the past three primaries

2.       Voted in the last two primaries

3.       Voted in either of 2017 or 2016 primaries

4.       First time primary voter in 2018 (there’s lots; that’s great news!)

Below is a drat letter to the Group One voters (all three prior primaries):

Hey Kenny,

I know your secret.  You’ve been going to the polls every September for the past three years and voting in the Democratic primary!

So, you care about who is leading the community.  But, do you know about the elected position “District Leader”?

Probably not.  It’s never been contested before in your Part, so you’ve never voted in an election for it. It’s an unpaid position within the Manhattan Democratic Party. 

The District Leader is YOUR phone call to get things done.  Every paid politician in the neighborhood will return the District Leader’s call.

Right now, your advocate from the community has been a big donor to Conservative/Republican causes.  In 2017 NYC City Council races, for example, he backed anti-choice and anti-LGBT candidates.  He does not speak for you. 

In less than a year (September 2019), you can take back the neighborhood.  As a member of the LGBT Bar Association of Greater NY, being a 24/7 advocate for members of the community being attacked constantly from Republicans is something that would be an honor.

 It’s worth me spending the time and resources talking to you NOW.  Now, is the time to go to KennyWind.com and learn how to turn your Part of Assembly 65 BLUE forever. 

Heeding the Call

On October, 9, I said:

"In light of the revelation that a Democratic District Leader financially supports a conservative who is hostile to the LGBT community, I’m calling for the ethics committee of the Manhattan Democratic Party to discuss whether there is an ethical violation. Leaders should not be held to a lower standard than county committee members. The meeting should take place Oct 16 and be streamed on Facebook.  manhattandems@gmail.com "

On October 12,  the County Leader called for a meeting to amend the rules to create an ethics committee. The rule PASSED!

This is a big win for those being constantly attacked by the Republicans.

Language is currently being drafted to fix the "donation" loophole, which allows District Leaders to donate to candidates who are anti-choice and anti-LGBT.  

Please reach out with any suggested language or email  manhattandems@gmail.com 

Drain the swamp? Not in 2018; not in Manhattan. 

The Rules Committee of the NY County Committee had been debating a rule that would ban anyone who receives $10,000 per year from any firm registered as a lobbyist with the city or state of New York from serving on Leadership positions. 

However, the Rules Committee balked and instead focused on transparency.  The County Committee will publish the names and election districts of all members.

June is “Stop and Sign” month.  Candidates for State Assembly need to obtain at least 500 signatures from registered Democrats in the neighborhood.  (Although its preferable to get 2,000 as opponents tend to challenge petitions in an attempt to avoid a competitive election).  Signing the petition is an active way to participate in a better democracy. 

Pressing for Reform

I didn't think it was fair that my neighbors couldn't vote to select the Democratic nominee for State Senate in 2017.  It wasn't fair in 2016 when we were shut out of the process to select Sheldon Silver's replacement.  Over the past two years, County Committee Members from the Lower East Side have chosen the party’s nominee for both Assembly and State Senate.  Yet, prior to September 2017, Election District 55 was partially represented by someone who did not live in the E.D.  

I proposed a rule change to require Committee Members representing your Election District’s interests to live there.  The Rules Committee of the Manhattan Democratic Party was scheduled to meet on December 18th to discuss changes, such as barring party leaders from being lobbyists. All County Committee Members were allowed to submit proposed rule changes.  

The Manhattan Democratic Party informed me "we are unable to consider the proposal. Residency requirements are dictated by state law and cannot be changed by the party in its rules. We look forward to seeing you on Monday".  However, Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou told me “I also think living in the ED [Election District] is important.  Will see what we can do.”   

First Day on The Job

On September 17, just 5 days after being elected, I represented Election District 55 of the 65th Assembly District at the NY Democratic County Committee meeting to select the nominee for the party in November’s State Senate race.  Sen. Daniel Squadron resigned in August without leaving enough time for a primary contest to be organized.  At the Committee Meeting, held at the United Federation of Teachers’ downtown office, I was one of 31 who voted for Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh to be the nominee.  While Brian did not win the majority of the less than 100 Manhattan elected Committee Members, he was the ultimate winner after Brooklyn's vote was cast.

On September 25, over 750 grassroots Manhattan Democrats showed up at another County Committee Meeting to discuss changes to the Party’s rules. As Paul Newell, District Leader and leader of a growing influential grassroots movement to challenge the establishment explained: “There was incredible momentum in the room, and beyond, for a stronger and more transparent Democratic Party. The proposed reforms will be referred to the Rules Committee, and the full County Committee will be reconvened within three months.  After the County Chair publicly committed to this process, the motion was passed with overwhelming support from all factions….This alone is a big win. The full county committee has never been convened to weigh in on party governance except at these (normally rubber-stamp) biennial meetings.  Indeed, one longtime activist told me that no County Committee meeting had shown such turnout or debate since 1967.”